Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

The children should own their laptops

"The children should own their laptops". This is a quote I picked up while reading up on OLPC somewhere. So that's what I tried with my son, and he is very proud that he is given the responsibility. But there are, well, issues.
First, as he is four years old, he drags the laptop around rather clumsily sometimes. A standard netbook would not take this kind of handling well for a long time... So far, the XO is doing very very well.
He has not had any exposure to computers before, nor to video games or even TV. I realize that half an hour a day, or at most one hour, is about the limit for what seems to be good for him.
Which is of course a good source for debate, since he "owns" his laptop, it's difficult to explain why we need to restrict his time using it.

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