Dienstag, 25. August 2009

Activity idea: Drum loops

Similar to the Tam Tam stuff, but more focused on
doing drum loops and exploring rhythms. This is something
I myself want to use for a long time (I play guitar and
occasionally drums).

Anyway, all loop software I have seen use a
timeline, or piano roll representation.
But I want to focus more on the bars
as building blocks, representing them as
rectangular blocks.

Actvity idea: Coloring book

This is yet another idea that came to me while playing with
my kids: create a Coloring book activity.
I would need to try and find some attractive black&white
drawings. The UI would consist of this drawing and a color palette
at the side (or bottom). Choose a color, click a white spot,
the spot is filled with that color (paint bucket).
Choose another color, click in the colored spot again, and you
get a gradient fill...
I am not yet sure what the best technology is for implementing
this. I think about looking into the SVG coloring code in python
for inspirations.

Activity idea: Kugelbahn

Kugelbahn is the german word for Rolling ball sculpture.
When I first toyed with the Pippy Physics code, this immediately
came to my mind: create a small toolkit to construct a structure
and populate it with little balls that roll along.
Sound seems to be very important!

Later on I discovered the Physics Activity. This is very close
to what I have in mind. I am pondering the idea to make
a specialisation of this Activity to more closely mimic a
real construction kit.

Activity idea: Kaleidoscope

I am currently focusing on Activities for Kindergarden age,
i.e. 4 to 6 year olds. The exerience with my own kids is that
they are having a hard time using the touch input; even the
mouse is difficult to use for them (on the carpet :)

One idea is to create a kaleidoscope: open an image, then
navigate a little tile within the picture and create a
repeated tile view. It's fun to just think about what
kind of geometric combinations are possible at all.

This could turn out as a little quiz, too (what does this
picture show?)