Dienstag, 25. August 2009

Activity idea: Kugelbahn

Kugelbahn is the german word for Rolling ball sculpture.
When I first toyed with the Pippy Physics code, this immediately
came to my mind: create a small toolkit to construct a structure
and populate it with little balls that roll along.
Sound seems to be very important!

Later on I discovered the Physics Activity. This is very close
to what I have in mind. I am pondering the idea to make
a specialisation of this Activity to more closely mimic a
real construction kit.

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  1. Hi Wolfgang, I'm an uruguayan father and OLPC supporter. Your blog caught my attention because my 11 years old daughter attends a public school named Austria. She got her xo a couple of months ago as part of CEIBAL (OLPC uruguay). I take part in ceibalJAM, a group of volunteer developpers (ceibaljam.org - mostly in spanish). The kids will love to know of someone in Austria using the same laptop.

    Alejandro Rodriguez Juele